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The More You Know! “The Incoming Banana Famine”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

I know this seems ridiculous but just stick with me. You need to horde all the bananas you can because in the not too distant future they’ll be extinct.
The Bananas we eat today are called Cavendish bananas. These bananas have no seeds because of genetic engineering. Effectively science made these bananas sterile so plantations can only clone the bananas by replanting the roots. This means that if a disease kills one banana every other banana in the entire plantation is dead with it.


Every single one of these bananas is the exact same banana.

The disease threatening bananas the most is called “Tropical Race 4” and is wiping out entire plantations before the owners even know what’s happening. The bananas can’t evolve a natural defence because of the lack of seeds so they are basically sitting ducks.

You may think that this sounds ridiculous but this has happened before. The Gros Michel banana went extinct in 1950 and according to people alive at the time, they were way better tasting. There is a theory that the reason banana flavoured candy tastes different than actual bananas is because the flavour is actually based on the Gros Michel!

Cavendish Bananas are all we have left and there is nothing we can do to protect them so… enjoy em’ while you can!

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