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Survey Looks Into Aftermath of Wildfire on Small Businesses

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Survey Looks Into Aftermath of Wildfire on Small Businesses

Small businesses continue to struggle according to a survey done by the Recovery Task Force.

In late January, 64 businesses were asked about their situation since re-entry. The majority said they’re in a fair or poor state with just a handful in excellent condition.

“There are guys who I know are doing really good,” said Committee Member Marty Giles. “They don’t want to say it, and you won’t hear about it. You can look around town and if you’re in certain businesses right now, you’re doing real well.”

Thirty-five of the businesses highlighted a lack of customers as their biggest problem. Operating cost and short staffs were the other two major barriers.

Nearly a third were also ineligible for loans with only 50 getting help from the Canadian Red Cross.

According to over 30 businesses, their biggest need over the next couple of months is marketing assistance.

Giles is hoping to see a community engagement session for business owners.

“We need to have a Here for You session for business owners and bankers to get together and have these people realize that it’s maybe not as hard as they think.”

Though many businesses are struggling, some are seeing opportunities to advance their operations. More than 40 said they see a chance to increase their revenue while others see chances for expansion and new opportunities.

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