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RCAF Pilot from Fort McMurray closes in on astronaut candidacy

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
RCAF Pilot from Fort McMurray closes in on astronaut candidacy

Photo via Canadian Space Agency

A former Fort McMurray Resident and Test pilot with the Royal Canadian Airforce is a few steps closer to her goal of going to space.

Vanessa Fulford joins 32 other potential candidates ranging from Doctors to Engineers and other pilots on the shortlist to become Astronauts.

Fulford currently, works in the Fighter and Trainer Evaluation sections at CFB Cold Lake.

Her job usually involves flying any of the new equipment or software to make sure it’s safe and effective for operators to use.

According to the Canadian Space Agency website, Fulford says her dreams of becoming an astronaut comes from her “hunger for discovery, learning experiences, and the knowledge that comes with each new adventure.”

Fulford tells Mix News some of the things she would like to work on and potentially accomplish if she ever became an Astronaut, would be to find the things that advance the human race.

“I think Space is the place we’re going to find the things that will further innovation and discovery.”

She adds one of her goals is becoming a role model for future generations.

“Getting people interested in science and new discovery is going to be very important in the future.”

If chosen to head to space, Fulford would spend the next two years training in Houston, Texas.

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