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Survey Shows Arts & Culture Events Add Value To Our Society

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Survey Shows Arts & Culture Events Add Value To Our Society

We are getting a better picture of what the art scene in Wood Buffalo looks like.

The Arts Council teamed up with Hill Strategies Research to conduct a two-part survey.

The first phase started back in November 2015, where 130 artists were interviewed. In the second phase, more than 400 residents took part in a telephone survey conducted last March.

According to the findings, over 80 per cent of the residents surveyed feel arts and culture events provide a strong quality of life and that artists add value to our society.

The report also shows, just over half of the artists in the community make less than $20, 000 annually from their art.

Interim Executive Director Diana Moser tells Mix News a lot of the artists who identified as non-professional, can actually be considered professional under a national code.

“It was a good point for us to see, okay well, if our artists don’t consider themselves professional, what does that mean and how can we be supportive? And if they do consider themselves professional, how can we support them?”

She adds these results will not only benefit the Arts Council, but organizations to support their own activities.

“So we’ve already been talking with some who’ve come to us for some support in granting applications and funding. use these results, use these stats, these are meant to help you as well, not only for us but for you to help on your own individual projects and things like that.”

The full report can be found on Arts Council Wood Buffalo website.

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