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Tuesdays Netflix Binge: House of Cards

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Tuesdays Netflix Binge: House of Cards

With Season 5 coming in May it’s time for you to get in on this show.

At Season 1 our story follows White House Whip Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey). From the very first moment, House of Cards brings you into the heart of Political corruption. Frank is a master politician and (probably) sociopath. Franks job is to manipulate senators and congressmen into voting the way the democratic party wants them too.

The show begins with the inauguration of a new President Garrett Walker (Michel Gill). Francis was promised Secretary of State in his administration but at the last moment, the new President decides to go back on this promise. From this moment on every waking moment for Frank is focused on vengeance and consolidating power. He will not rest until he see’s everyone who wronged him at his feet.


You don’t need to like politics to like this show; it doesn’t focus on policy or how congress runs. It focuses on the behind the scenes stuff we don’t get to see. I rate this show a solid 10/10. All the way through to season 4 I have loved this show. I couldn’t recommend it more.


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