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Don’t like the Government? Why not start a “Micronation!”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Maybe you hate Trudeau, maybe you hate dependence on oil, or maybe you just want to be king. There’s lots of reasons to start a Micronation (none of them good ones). Here’s a few that already exist!

The Principality of Wy

Formed November of 2004 The Principality of Wy was made by Prince Paul Delprat. He came to the decision to start his “Artists Principality” as he calls it; after the city council wouldn’t let him build a driveway. It may be an overreaction but the Principality still stands today inside a suburb in Sydney, Australia. They have their own currency called”Wybloons” and an anthem that’s 1 sentence long “Wy is an Answer by Doc Neeson and Prince Paul” I don’t know what it means but I love it.

The Principality of Wy Flag

The Principality of Wy Flag

The Principality of Sealand

Positioned just off the coast of Suffolk, England on an abandoned oil rig. This one was started by a man named Major Paddy Boy Bates when he went there to set up a Pirate Radio Station. He never actually started broadcasting but decided on a whim to make it his own country in 1967. This one is especially unique because it offers land and titles to anyone by going to their website I found out about this country in high school and I purchased the title of “Baron” for a friend of mine. Maybe you want to be a Baron or a Lord! Just be careful about Knighthood because if you’re a knight they expect you to fight in their wars…. if they have any.

The Principality of Sealand Flag

The Principality of Sealand Flag

The Aerican Empire

This Micronation is based in Canada (mostly) but it also claims to have territory in Australia, Pluto, Mars and an entirely made up planet. The Mission Statement of the Micronation I found on their hilariously 90’s looking website is these four points.

1) It has to sound like it’s saying something but really be meaningless
2) It has to be appropriately megalomaniacal or otherwise influenced by our collective delusions of grandeur.
3) It must imply that the universe as a whole is wrong and we are right.
4) “It needs to just sound cool, dammit!”

Out of all the Micronations, this one is the most self-aware about how ridiculous it is and has the most amount of info about it (They even had a war in 1991!)

Plus the flag just looks pleasant(ly cultish)

The Aerican Empire Flag

The Aerican Empire Flag

How about making your own!

While I don’t recommend it but you may feel inspired to start your own Micronation in the wilderness and I can’t stop you. Here’s a Wikihow article about how to do it. If your going to go start a country; at least do it right.


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