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Fort McMurray Catholic School District To Hold By-Election

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Fort McMurray Catholic School District To Hold By-Election

The Fort McMurray Catholic school district is looking for a new trustee.

A by-election is being held to fill the vacant seat after Trustee Tracy McKinnion resigned earlier this month.

The Board is seeking nominations by February 21st to hold a by-election on March 27th.

Board Chair Paula Galenzoski tells Mix News they’re looking for someone with a desire for learning, and willing to work at a local and provincial level.

“You should have a keen interest in education in your community and the province as a whole, and a little bit of interest in politics because it is a political position.”

She notes trustees would be required to attend school events and monthly meetings but would also have a chance to participate with other districts in provincial based organizations.

“So, you really get an opportunity to be involved and participate in education as a provincial mandate as well as district,” Galenzoski adds “you get to bring your voice to a bigger platform.”

The Board is seeking nomination by February 21st, with an election scheduled for March 27th.

The term for this position would only run until October.

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