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Women in Fort McMurray celebrate World Hijab Day

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Women in Fort McMurray celebrate World Hijab Day

Women of the Muslim faith are celebrating the 5th annual World Hijab Day.

The day is a chance for women of all faiths to observe the hijab in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide and open a dialogue about the bigotry and prejudices they face.

President and Co-Founder of World Hijab Day YMM, Kiran Malik’Khan tells Mix News, events like these are important for building bridges.

“It’s extremely important to keep the doors of communication open, you have to make sure people can approach you and ask those questions.”

While the actual Day is on the February 1st, an early event was held at Peter Pond Mall yesterday, giving women a chance to ask questions, try on a hijab, and take it home with them.

Malik-Khan says this year, the money made from hijab purchases will go to two good causes.

“Every cent we raise goes to Aleppo and families impact by the wildfires, but if you try on a hijab you get to keep it.”

Last year alone, 150 countries partook in the event. In addition to that, World Hijab Day has been endorsed by many world renowned individuals including scholars, politicians, and celebrities worldwide.

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