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Best Golden Globes Speeches Right Here

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Best Golden Globes Speeches Right Here

If you couldn’t commit to the full 3+ hour ordeal that is the Golden Globes, we’re here to hook you up with at least a few of the more amazing speeches from the night. Other highlights include an awkward minute with Jimmy Fallon as his teleprompter failed in the first few seconds of the live show, Brad Pitt being touched to be in spotlight again, and Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds smooching. To the speeches!

First up: Ryan Gosling – short and sweet.


Next is Donald Glover, who believes in magic. And he’s right to.


Following that up with the doozey. Streep’s lifetime achievement award acceptance was incredible and had some great wisdom within. You don’t have to agree with every point, but you do have to agree that truth-seeking journalists are staggeringly important and need to be protected in a time when being first has become more important than being factual.


Ok, so this next video isn’t a speech. It’s actually the presentation for the best animated film from Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell, and it was the funniest moment of the entire night.


Finally, another non-speech moment. Traditionally the Golden Globes do not feature an “In Memoriam” segment, but they broke that tradition to honour both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. And it was completely touching.




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