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UPDATE: Wood Buffalo being considered for Special Remission from Drywall Tariff

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
 UPDATE: Wood Buffalo being considered for Special Remission from Drywall Tariff

Photo courtesy of Waugh Thistleton Architects

The Canadian Trade Tribunal is backing the recent tariff on drywall.

The prices saw an increase of 276 per cent for US imports, starting in September, as suppliers in Western Canada were not able to keep up with demand and shipping from Ontario.

Some good news is, prices will no longer see a 276 per cent increase but be replaced by permanent duties which won’t exceed 43 per cent. This new evaluation is just one of a few¬†duties¬†being put in place by the Tribunal.

However, Adam Hardiman with the Wood Buffalo Task Force tells Mix News, Wood Buffalo is being considered for a special remission from the costs.

“We did submit to the tribunal, we we’re part of this process so it’s great to see they heard our concerns loud and clear and they addressed them in one way.”

When the tariff was first introduced late last year, Wood Buffalo council voted in favor to write to the Federal Government to develop and fund a grant program to compensate those re-building.

CertainTeed Gypsum Canada, the only remaining manufacturer of drywall in Western Canada had put out the initial complaint as they were losing business because of the supplies coming from across the border.

Owner of Genroc Drywall in Fort McMurray Claude Bureau talked to Mix News back in September when the tariff was first introduced. He says the tariff is hurting his business and at a bad time.

“Just unbelievable that it’s happening after a fire when we need to reconstruct the city and now it’s happening to us. I mean, it’s a big hit on the drywall companies like mine.”

The tribunal’s ruling is still a recommendation. There is no word on if or when Wood Buffalo would get special treatment from the drywall prices.

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