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Fort Chipewyan Winter Road Load Limit Increases

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Fort Chipewyan Winter Road Load Limit Increases

The RMWB is sending out a few reminders to all drivers about the Fort Chipewyan Winter Road.

Motorists can now drive with the new load limit of 15,000 kg, which is just over 33,000 pounds.

Also, tree clearing operations are being done on km 0 to 31 and from km 84 to 145, until mid-February,

Water trucks and graders are on the road so when passing use caution and use the maximum 30 km/h as advised. If you do pass a freshly flooded crossing you should test your brakes.

If your traveling in the delta area, make sure to reduce your speed and drive to the conditions as this partĀ of the road has some rough sections.

If you do decide to use the road, make sure you are prepared for all emergencies as there is no gas station, no road patrol or cell phone coverage.

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