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Fort Chipewyan to benefit from CRTC Announcement

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Broadband Highspeed Internet service is now considered a basic telecommunications service for all Canadians.

The CRTC announced a new initiative on Wednesday that will benefit rural communities like Fort Chipewyan who have internet access but slower than average speeds.

Councillor for the Fort Chipewyan area, Julia Cardinal tells Mix News that better internet access is essential, especially in northern communities, and investing in better infrastructure will benefit the new generation that’s becoming more familiar with the internet at younger ages.

“We have high-speed internet, but it’s not the greatest, I think everyone would be happy with 15 megabytes download speed and it’s actually fast.”

The Commission is setting up a fund that will invest up to $750 million into new infrastructure that will help meet new ambitious goals of 50-megabyte download speeds.


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