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Over 200 WMZ Parking Violations Handed Out In Ten Days

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Over 200 WMZ Parking Violations Handed Out In Ten Days

Over 200 parking violations were handed to motorists in the first ten days of the Winter Maintenance Zone Program.

The RMWB tells Mix News 224 tickets were issued between December 6 and 16th.

That’s down from the same period last year.

The Municipality says while they’ve seen improvement in compliance, they’re reminding motorists it’s their responsibility to adhere to the parking regulations.

Residents can identify their Zone by checking the signage along their residential street, by reviewing the mapping provided on the municipal website, or by using the Find Your Zone tool at

If you’re parked in a restricted area, the RMWB says the fine for the Notice of Violation is $120 as per their Roads and Transportation Bylaw, and in addition, there will be significant fees to store and remove the vehicle from the impound lot.

The Municipality’s priority is to inform and educate residents so they can avoid being ticketed or towed.

And just a reminder, the RMWB is relaxing Winter Maintenance zones starting on Boxing day until the 30th.

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