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WestJet Staff replaces lost memories

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
WestJet Staff replaces lost memories

WestJet put on a Christmas Concert last month, where residents who lost their homes were invited to sing Christmas Carols with Johnny Reed, enjoy food and the company of their neighbors.

Families were surprised at the end of the night when WestJet dropped ornaments with a picture of families in attendance and tickets to fly anywhere WestJet flies.

However, Odette Manship and her husband Jamie, says that some of the joy also came from the airline staff who heard their stories.

When WestJet asked them for an interview and to attend the event, they were asked of all the items they lost, what did they miss the most.

Manship says a blanket a family friend had made for her daughter and a shadowbox with a poem from her husband were two of the things they had mentioned.

When the concert was over, staff asked if the family would come back to do a wrap-up video. She says WestJet had a video from four of their staff who heard their story and were so moved by it that they wanted to do something special for them.

One of the WestJetters had given Manship a hand-made blanket she been given from a family friend, and the staff also replaced the Shadowbox with items from their own relationship.

“Those personal gifts really made a huge impact on us.”

Manship says the concert, for her, was an experience where she could take a deep breath and say “it’s all going to be okay”.

 -photo courtesy of Jamie and Odette Manship



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