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UPDATE: Stomach Bug Hits FMPSD Elementary School, School Cancelled for Dec 14

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Students at École Dickinsfield School will be getting an unscheduled day off tomorrow.

Around 20 staff members at the school had to call in sick to work on Tuesday after being hit with the stomach bug, which has now been confirmed as gastro-intestinal illness.

In a release, Fort McMurray Public School District Superintendent Doug Nicholls says they expect that the same number of teachers, or possibly more, could be sick for a second straight day, so they’re cancelling classes altogether for Wednesday.

Substitute teachers and District Office personnel were called in to help cover classes on Tuesday. Since parents were given the option to keep their child at home, Nicholls says about 150 of schools 680 students were at school, with about 75 remaining by early afternoon.

Nicholls notes no students have been affected by the bug, that they are aware of. However, if your child is experiencing any flu-like symptoms, you’re asked to tell the school’s office or Alberta Health Services.

The elementary school is currently working with AHS, and maintenance staff will be increasing the wiping and disinfecting in the school.

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