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Dumbest Parts of 2016 #2 “The 2016 Election”

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While trying to put this together I just kept coming across more and more stupid stuff that happened during this election. If I were to cover every single thing I would be able to write a novel. I cut it all down to the top 10 parts. (I tried my best to be impartial all throughout)

1. Donald Trumps Campaign Announcement

Donald Trump announcing that he was running seemed normal enough (aside form the reality TV star running for president of course) until he got onto the topic of Mexico where he said this.

In retrospect the “Mexicans are bringing drugs, crime and are rapists” should have been a bigger red flag

2. Hillary Clinton Makes Student Debt Look Fun On Twitter

Hillary ran on a platform of education reform to make post secondary schooling more affordable for everyone. She tried to talk about this in a hip and cool way with this tweet

If only there was a “feeling condescended too” emoji.

3. Donald Trump Makes Fun of Disabled Person

Hey guys you know that thing we all agree is not cool? Well the President Elect didn’t get that memo.

4. Trump Says Carly Fiorina isn’t Attractive Enough to be President

Her reply was one of the highlights of the Election for me.

5. Trump Attacks Ted Cruz’s Wife

Basically saying that he should be president because his wife is a super model.

Ted Cruz replied with “Donald, real men don’t attack women. Your wife is lovely, and Heidi is the love of my life,”

6. Hillary Clinton Posts “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela” 

While trying to pander to Hispanic Voters she basically just insulted the day-to-day struggles of Hispanic women. This sparked #NotMyAbuela on Twitter.

Check out the article here

7. Melania Trump Repeats Michelle Obama’s Speech Word for Word

The Trump campaign blamed it on the speech writer but regardless this was just dumb.

8. The Access Hollywood Tapes

I can’t even link the video because of how horrible the clip was. Trump all throughout is talking about how he is allowed to assault women because he has a TV show. Somehow this wasn’t a big enough issue to affect the Election results.

9. Libertarian Leader Gary Johnson Doesn’t Know What Aleppo is

Now before you judge him remember that your probably didn’t know either! To be fair someone trying to become POTUS should probably know about the biggest refugee crisis in decades.

10. Russia Basically Admitted to Helping Trump Win

I know it sounds a little “conspiracy theory-like” but it actually happened. The CIA has said without a doubt that there were cyber attacks to release data to make the Clinton Campaign look bad from the russian government. Plus an aid to Vladimir Putin (president of Russia) Sergei A. Ryabkov said “There were contacts and we continue to do this and have been doing this work during the election campaign,”

…. so that’s a thing.


What was the dumbest part of 2016 for you? Comment below with recommendations for next week!


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