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AEF To Send 1500 Hay Bales For Fort McMurray Horses

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
AEF To Send 1500 Hay Bales For Fort McMurray Horses

Two former residents of the Clearwater Horse Club/Photo courtesy of Joanne Holland

The Alberta Equestrian Federation is sending 1,500 bales of hay to Fort McMurray to help support equine owners through the winter.

In a release, the Federation says the hay will help alleviate some of the feed costs over the winter months, but also replace the feed that was lost in the fires.

The price of hay is slightly higher than in previous years, with people in Fort McMurray typically paying more.

The feed will be dropped off on December 16th.

Fort McMurray equine owners who registered with the AEF during the disaster will be able to pick up hay bales on Saturday, December 17th and Sunday, December 18th at the Clearwater Horse Club.

The Club’s property including, paddocks, barn and stables, suffered extensive damage during the fire.

Fort McMurray resident Velda Peach says she had $2, 400 worth of hay lost in the fire.

“I just want to thank you all at AEF for all this wonderful hay. Thank you, thank you! Words can’t express enough of what you have done.”

Since the wildfire, the Federation has received donations from around the world including American and the UK totaling $53 thousand.  A portion of those funds were distributed in September so owners could replace items lost in the fires.


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