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Student based non-profit aims to replant trees lost in the wildfire

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Student based non-profit aims to replant trees lost in the wildfire

Left to Right, Chintan Desai, Krish Shah, Marlien Bruwer and Rafiu Mostafa with EcoYOLO, receive funding from the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

The Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee is the first to help fund a new non-profit called EcoYOLO.

The group comprises of four students from École McTavish, Marlien Bruwer, Krish Shah, Chintan Desai and Rafiu Mostafa with their focus on growing a healthy tree canopy to replace the trees lost in the wildfire.

“If I were to just stay at home and not doing anything I feel like no one else would, someone has to take charge and try to help the environment,” said Mostafa.

To everybody’s surprise who were in attendance, each member of the Committee and a few public members each donated $100 to their group.

“I’ve always been the guy out asking for money and I know they’re trying to get something started so I thought maybe if we start the movement,” said Marty Giles. “That’s why we gave them a hundred bucks, you only live once.”

EcoYOLO is hoping to rejuvenate the forest, especially around the Birchwood Trails, by raising awareness, getting more student involvement and by working together with Arborists, Alberta Agriculture, and Forestry Departments.

The hope is to get more funding through grants and kick start a campaign which would start next summer.

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