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A liberating way to share evacuation stories

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
A liberating way to share evacuation stories

Everyone in Fort McMurray on May 3rd, 2016 has a story to tell, and now it’s time to share them.

93/88,000 is the first book from the 88,000 Project, a collection of stories from Residents of the RMWB about their evacuation experience last spring, and their post-wildfire recovery.

Author, Ashley Tobin, says the project started out as a study assignment on community engagement.

“Most people in this course would focus their project on interviewing a few people, or maybe creating a spreadsheet, I decided to publish a book.”

Tobin’s personal experience during the wildfire was the original focus of the book, but suddenly what started as a liberating way to share her own story, as well as those of her friends, took on a life of its own when she opened up the oppertunity to other evacuees.

Tobin says the stories in the book have been kept anonymous, with the intent of the reader being able to imagine themselves in the shoes of an evacuee on that fateful day.

“You read a story and you can feel the emotion. We all experienced something all-consuming, and sharing the stories has helped many people to start healing within themselves.”

Tobin says the first book has 93 stories from anonymous evacuees, with almost enough to publish a second book.

“I want to do it, if possible. People have been very positive about this collection and those who missed out also want to share their stories.”

For more on how to submit your story, head to the 88,000 Project website.

 -photo courtesy of the 88,000 project facebook page.

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