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Dumbest Parts of 2016 #1 “Harambe”

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Dumbest Parts of 2016 #1 "Harambe"

The date was May 28th. A story broke about a 17 year old Western Lowland Gorilla being put down at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into the enclosure. That Gorillas name was Harambe and we couldn’t have known how big that story would become.


Practically overnight Harambe became a meme like no other with “d***s out for Harambe”. We thought it would end there but Harambe managed to penetrate every aspect of our lives.

It got to the point where in one of the most consequential presidential elections the USA has ever had 15,000 Americans woke up, went to the polling location, and waited in line for hours just to put Harambe as their “write-in” vote.



It got the point where the Cincinnati Zoo had to close their Twitter account just to get away from the onslaught of Harambe memes.
2016 was the year we all let a Gorilla dictate entire months of our lives and hours upon hours of our internet browsing…. now THAT is dumb.


If you have a suggestion for next Mondays dumbest moment in 2016 comment below!

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