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Mayor Blake “Don’t Worry About Bill 21”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Mayor Blake "Don't Worry About Bill 21"

Bill 21 for many people is a scary thought.

However, Mayor Melissa Blake wants to ensure residents not to worry.

Bill 21 or the Modernized Municipal Government Act would change the tax ratio for municipalities across Alberta.

At council Tuesday night, some councillors explained how the Bill could have a much more negative impact than the wildfire.

Speaking on Fort McMurray Matters on Wednesday, Blake says this statement is true, but two months ago.

“The Government of Alberta has no desire to see us fail in that regard, so they were very concrete in their communications with council.”

Blake adds the RMWB has been ensured there won’t be a dramatic impact.

Meanwhile, Council, RMWB officials and industry leaders have agreed to create a Joint Action Plan, which will be sent to the Government of Alberta highlighting the concerns the region faces.

Blake says the province is looking forward to the municipality working with the oilsands industry.

“Us working with industry on the transition plan is something that the government is really looking forward to, as am I, because when we get into the details I think what will be discovered is we’re not out of alignment in anyway.”


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