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Recovery Projects updated including sooner completion of Construction Access Roads

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Recovery Projects updated including sooner completion of Construction Access Roads

All recovery projects currently in the works saw an update at the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee.

One project in particular was the Construction Access routes which were slated to be completed in 2017. Right now, the expectation is these roads, which would give construction vehicles another route into Abasand and Beacon Hill, could be finished by the end of December.

“Hopefully it’s in place by the end of December, then we can start using those roads to give that separation, decrease mud, separation from residential areas, safer for children,” said Erin O’Neill, Operations Manager with the Task Force.

After some on site investigations, walkthroughs and getting contractors in place, they now have expectations to finish before the new year. An added bonus for the municipality is the decrease cost by finishing in December, avoiding winter maintenance.

Other projects that were brought up include the Hazardous Tree removal which is expected to be finished this week in the urban area. Work will start next week in Saprae Creek and Vista Ridge.

The Firebreak drainage in Anzac and the Urban Service area is almost done. Some re-designing is still being done in the Urban Service area after finding some discrepancies with the original design which was done through the air by a drone.

Culverts are also being replaced in trails that were damaged or removed all together. Most of the work is expected to be done by mid-December.

Geotechnical reports are being done on the slope stability, especially around Waterways. A contract for the work has been completed and slated to start this week, lasting six to eight weeks.

The reports will determine if certain areas can be rebuilt on.

While grading is nearly complete in Abasand, Beacon Hill and Waterways. The work is complete in Beacon Hill while grading started in Abasand on November 10 and Waterways on November 18.

Most projects are slated to be finished this year or early next year. Erin O’Neill says they’re now ready to start a whole new wave of projects.

“We’re kinda ticking off the things on our campaign plan and going down the route, don’t worry there is still lots of work still to be done.”

Trails restoration, landscaping the firebreak areas, phase three sampling results and the East ClearWater Highway are just a few examples of projects expected to started soon.

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