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Tuesday’s Netflix Binge: Black Mirror

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The Twilight Zone is reborn with Black Mirror and it is amazing

Each Episode of Black Mirror is different than the last exploring a new world with different rules than our own. To convince you of how amazing this show is I’ll talk about the very first episode on Netflix. Episode 1 is titled “Nosedive”.
In the world of our first episode the world is consumed with social media. It has taken over every aspect of human life from careers, to what type of rental car you can get, to which buildings you can enter. They way this global social network works is every person is given an eye implant that shows you the name and rating of people you look at. People can be rated from 0 to 5 stars. This rating can come from posts they make on the network or just from rating them in person using your phone.


Our show starts with Lacie at 4.4 until making a faux pas at work which drop her down to a 4.2. Lacie is dreaming of moving into an apartment but she can only afford it if she has a 4.5 rating which sets her on a quest to increase her rating.

Nosedive shows a world where the obsession with Facebook and other networks has become such an important part of society that it has consumed everything. People are terrified to be themselves because of the doors that will be closed. Swearing, talking to much, talking to little, wearing the wrong clothes can all ruin your chances at finding love, a job, or even be talked to.

Everything is a numbers game “how can I get this person to like me to increase my rating?” “will this shirt ruin my chances at getting a new car?”. Not everyone can handle a world like this and some just simply snap.

That’s just the first episode; every single one is as, if not more creative. I rate Black Mirror 5 stars. (Get it?)

Here’s the trailer for the show. (There are some swears)

If you know of a show that needs to be binged let me know!


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