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Council to discuss Bill 21, Tickets for Toys and Recovery Plan

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Council to discuss Bill 21, Tickets for Toys and Recovery Plan

From a possible partnership over Bill 21 to toys for parking tickets, council has a busy but interesting meeting.

A joint plan for Bill 21 will be discussed highlighting how the RMWB and oil sands industry could work together. The goal is to reach an agreement on what to recommend to the Government of Alberta concerning the actual Bill and when it would be implemented.

A big concern would be the implementation of the tax ratio, currently at 18.3/1 (non-residential/ residential) and changing it to 5:1 reducing revenues.  This can be a big concern as the municipality gets most its revenue from non-residential taxes which means they would get less funding for programs and services.

The Bill is currently awaiting a third reading in the Alberta Legislature.

Among the other topics council will be discussing is the long-term recovery plan.

The plan highlights future background, organization, responsibility and accountability among others in the future recovery of the area. The plan isn’t a general one-time plan but a mix of different steps and plans moving forward.

From partnership to the recovery plan, council will also be presented a plan to get more toys for children ahead of the holiday season.

Tickets for Toys will allow drivers who receive a parking or timed ticket to pay with a toy equal or greater than the value of the ticket. The program would run from December 1 – 15 if approved by council.

The rest of the agenda will focus on citizen recognition program recommendations and 2016 third quarter capital budget fiscal amendment.

Council meets on Tuesday, November 21 at 6 p.m.

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