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Tuesdays Netflix Binge: The Crown

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Tuesdays Netflix Binge: The Crown

It’s hard to give a synopsis of this show because I would basically be giving a history lesson, but I’ll try my best.

The Crown is the story of Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (Claire Foy) to becoming the youngest English Monarch ever crowned as Queen Elizabeth II. Our story starts with Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark (Matt Smith) in 1947. Her whole family is in attendance as is the Prime Minister Winston Churchill (John Lithgow). The wedding is when we first see signs of illness in Elizabeth’s father King George VI (Jared Harris).

After a few years King George worsens and is brought into surgery to have one of his lungs removed due to a “blockage” as described by the doctors; it seems as though all will be well from this point on however George keeps worsening every day. He can barely stand, he coughs constantly, he even begins wearing makeup so no one sees how pale he’s become in his sickness. Eventually it is revealed that King George is suffering from lung cancer. King George was planning to go on a trip to all of the territories of the British Empire but asks Elizabeth to go in his stead; never admitting the reason he can’t go is due to his cancer. Elizabeth and her Husband spend time in Nairobi looking at wildlife, enjoying the scenery when it is discovered that King George VI passed away peacefully in his sleep. That wraps up the first two episodes. If you want to see what happens, check it out on Netflix!

I have really enjoyed watching The Crown. It is a great way to show the life story of our Queen in an engaging, almost political drama kind of way. I rate The Crown 8.9 on the Tyler Scale.

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