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How to be un-sick without meds!

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How to be un-sick without meds!

I’ve been 50 shades of sick for the past week so when it comes to being ill (in more ways than one), I am wise.

(p.s. sorry Tyler for maybe possibly spreading the sickness to you too.)

I didn’t go overboard with cold meds, because they don’t actually cure you, they only fight symptoms. I tried to heal myself organically. Here are some of the things I did!

1. Ginger tea, Mint tea and more Ginger tea with honey!

Ginger and honey relieve sore throats and ginger also relieves congestion. Also, they say it’s bad to drink caffeine but I couldn’t be helped. I. need. coffee.

2. Oranges and Lemon! 

Both these have Vitamin C which is one of the best things for colds and sickness.

3. Wash hands periodically

I mean, I always do but while I was sick I pretended I was a heart surgeon washing their hands before a procedure. It prevents even more germs from slowing the healing process or making you a different kind of sick.

4. Go outside! 

Did you know it’s a myth that the cold air causes a cold? Well now ya do! I mean, It’s not going to make you feel like you’re healing but fresh air and of course movement is good for you, healthy or sick. So do it! I made sure that I walked outside every day to keep my blood stream flowing and to raise my heartrate for a bit.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

Thank goodness there are 12 seasons on Netflix because I woulda been pretty bored during those days I stayed home.

6. Water

This one is self-explanatory by now I think.

7. Healthy food

Eating junk food or processed food isn’t good for you when you’re healthy so it’s not going to do your sickness any good either. You need to eat food that is going to be useful, and make you feel good in order to. I also cooked with garlic which has a compound called allicin which is known to boost the function of the immune system and prevent colds and flu.

8. Learn something new

Well, with all that free time, it’s nice to walk away knowing you did something somewhat productive. I recommend reading or teaching yourself how to do something. I learned how to french braid finally! I’ve always wanted to get better at that so I’m feeling pretty accomplished. 🙂

9. Hot showers

This will relieve some congestion and help you relax. I also meditate in the shower and there are so many positive effects of meditating.

Well, that’s pretty much all I did that made me feel as half-okay as I do now. I’m not a doctor, just someone who didn’t wanna spend money on meds. 🙂 Be good to yourself!

There’s only one kind of sickness it’s ok to be down with. XD


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