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The More You Know!: Noise has colour?

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

You’ve heard of white noise or “static” before and it’s not a pleasant┬ásound; it’s high pitched, and piercing. It’s made by random frequencies playing all at once; it sounds high pitched mostly due to human biology.

What if I told you there are other colours of noise? Pink noise and brown noise are things that exist and it turns out they can actually help you concentrate!
Pink Noise is still random much like white noise but the higher pitched frequencies are dampened making a much lower more calming tone.

The reason it can help you concentrate is because of it’s ability to dampen other incoming sounds. Try it! Turn on the TV and play the pink noise over it.
Next we have brown noise which takes the idea of pink noise a step further. The volume of higher frequencies is significantly dropped making a deeper rumble tone.

To clarify brown noise and the “brown note” are not the same thing. The idea behind the brown note is that it’s a high pitched sound humans can’t hear that can cause a bit of an accident (a brown and gross accident). You can listen to this with 0 problems; in fact the brown note isn’t a real thing at all. Due to the lower tones of brown noise it is especially good for helping you sleep and relax.

If there’s anything you would like to know ask your question in the comments! Remember the more you know; the further you’ll go.

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