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Council to vote on final version of Recovery Plan

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Council to vote on final version of Recovery Plan

The Wildfire Recovery Plan is being sent to council for approval.

The plan will be a guideline for council and the Wood Buffalo Recovery Committee over the next few years. It will highlight all milestones, future decisions needed for a full recovery including how, when and who will complete task.

The plan also outlines how far we’ve come as a community in the recovery and what steps need to be taken in the future.

It will also be expanding the campaign plan, which was introduced by the WBRC, highlighting the five pillars of recovery: people, environment, economy, rebuild, mitigation.

Though many see the people pillar being the most important, the plan will help the Recovery Task Force work on all five pillars at once.

“We have the luxury of not having to prioritize one or the other, we’re working on all five pillars concurrently,” said Jim Julien, Plans Lead with the Recovery Task Force. “So those things that are important in the people pillar, psychosocial, education at the same time we’re sorting out economic development and supporting small businesses, at the same time we’re ensuring we’re enabling permitting and the rebuild process.”

Also, included will be determining who is the responsible for what in the recovery. Currently committee members of the WBRC sit as Chairs and Co-Chairs of the people, environment, economy, rebuild and mitigation sub committees.

Residents can view the entire wildfire recovery plan online.

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