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Tuesdays Netflix Binge: No Tomorrow

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Tuesdays Netflix Binge: No Tomorrow

Evie Covington (Tori Anderson) is a Quality control adviser for a company called “Cybermart” (basically but copyright free). Evie doesn’t take risks and she has her boundaries set in stone. She has a boring safe life and just isn’t as happy as she could be.


Evie while shopping for rutabaga at a farmers market runs into Xavier Holliday (Joshua Sasse)…. just look at this stallion of a man!CW_NOT_Joshua_575.ra

She gets a little flustered when he talks to her and runs away because… look at him; and from that moment on she is desperate to meet this man who has become her dream guy. Assorted events take place that end up getting them in the same room and that’s when she finds out that as charming as he is he is kind of a nutcase.
Xavier believes without a shadow of a doubt that the world will end 8 months and 12 days from the start of the show and he plans on living life to the fullest with his “Apocolyst” a sort of bucket list of everything he wants to do before the world ends. Against Evies better judgment she joins him on this quest and has the time of her life.

The genre of this show is a pre-apocalypse romcom which is a weird genre I never thought I would type out but this show is lighthearted, hilarious, and all around a good time. I rate it 8.7/10 on the Tyler Scale. The show is on going an the next episode hits Netflix tomorrow (November 2nd).

Here’s the trailer.

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