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Drake takes aim at Kid Cudi’s mental illness

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Drake takes aim at Kid Cudi's mental illness

Drake has just released a new project called “More Life”, and it’s not necessarily a new album by him but a “playlist project” which will feature releases from him and others.

An unfortunate but notable moment from this project was the focus on Kid Cudi. In “two birds one stone” Drake took aim at Cudi’s mental illness. Kid Cudi announced on October 4th via Facebook that he had checked himself into rehab for “depression and suicidal urges”. See the full post here.

The beef between the two rappers was ignited last month after Kid Cudi took to Twitter to express some of his thoughts on the music industry. He wrote, “I need yall to know I got so many haters within the industry and these clowns know Im bout to crush their entire existance.” He went on, “Everyone thinks they’re soooo great. Talkin top 5 and be having 30 people write songs for them.” His attention shifted to some specific people when he said, “My tweets apply to who they apply. Ye, Drake, whoever. These n****s dont give a f**k about me. And they aint f***in with me.”

Now that we know what kind of ammunition Kid Cudi used in the war, let’s get to Drakes weaponry in defence. “Two birds one stone” made headlines with a verse that included,

“You were the man on the moon, now you go through your phases

Life of the angry and famous

Rap like I know I’m the greatest and give you the tropical flavors

Still never been on hiatus

You stay “xanned”  and perked up so when reality set in you don’t gotta face it.”

As a fan of Drake, I’m disappointed. Somebody’s internal battle is nobody’s business but their own and to take aim at it, is to directly mock it. Mental Illness is a bubble and anything that touches it can make it burst. Drake took not only a risk but a hit below the belt.

As a Kid Cudi fan, I set aside my love for Drake and his amazing talent because I will always stick up for the underdog. The underdog is alone, at the bottom and most times in a corner by themselves. Who needs more help when they’re already on top?

KidCudi’s manager and friend Dennis Cummings took to twitter to defend his ally with the words,

How Aubrey and his writers take a shot with the same hands they used to beg for a feature???

The battle continues on… and there is no end in sight.

Who is Drake nowadays? His continual evolution does not have a limit. He is reinventing himself in 2016 and a couple new words he can add to his Wikipedia page are “ruthless” and “merciless”.

No more Mr. nice Drake!

– Taylor Rey


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