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TSB finds see-and-avoid principal cause of 2015 fatal plane crash

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

An investigation into a fatal plane crash in 2015 near Fort McMurray has found the pilots didn’t see each other before colliding mid-air.

In a release, the Transportation Safety Board says the crash was caused by the limitations of the “see-and-avoid” principle, which is used to prevent collisions between planes in an uncontrolled airspace.

This principle is based on active scanning, and the ability to detect aircraft’s in the way and to take appropriate measures to avoid them.

The crashed happened during a training flight last June northeast of the Fort McMurray airport.

A passenger and pilot in a Cessna 172 died, while the lone pilot in a Cessna 185 was able to land safely at the airport.

To help minimize the risk of a crash, the safety board recommends pilots fly along published routes, provide and listen for traffic advisories on the radio, and use aircraft collision avoidance systems to detect planes flying nearby.

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