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How To Survive Tonight’s Debate

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Tonight marks the final debate of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. It’s been a long, drudging, and exhausting campaign on both sides and until the election day on November 8th (Or the 28th if you listen to Trump) this debate is the last thing we have to survive. I’m here to give you the tips and tricks you’ll need before it starts!

1. Have Your Favourite Foods And Drinks At The Ready

If you are ACTUALLY going to sit through another one of these debates without plucking out your own eyes you’ll need comfort food. Don’t be ashamed just get what you need even if its a large pizza, a tall glass of chocolate milk, and a slab of cheesecake (That’s what I’ll be getting anyway).

You earned it!

You earned it!

2. Print Off This Bingo Card

It was made by┬áit’s a great way to have some lighthearted fun while you watch what historians 1000 years from now will refer to as “The beginning of the end for human civilization”.

You'll notice "Trump Says Something Racist" is just a free space

You’ll notice “Trump Says Something Racist” is just a free space

3. Have Loved Ones Nearby

After a night like tonight you’ll likely need some support.



4. Remember Where You Are

When it gets bad just remind yourself that no matter what neither of those people will be the leader of YOUR country.

"Oh Canada! True north strong and free....of Trump"

“Oh Canada! True north strong and free….of Trump/Clinton”

Bonus: While You Wait For It To Start

Bernie may not be in the race anymore but this is still a great video!

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