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Alberta to introduce new survey on education moving forward

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Alberta to introduce new survey on education moving forward

Minister of Education David Eggen standing with his tour guides at Greely Road Public School on the first day of school // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

The Government of Alberta is launching a new project known as “Future Ready”.

The project would co-ordinate and improve the education and skills training to help students get prepared for success in the ever-changing economy.

The first initiative being taken will be an online survey.

“The survey is talking about curriculum revision from kindergarten right up to Grade 12, all subject areas, so it’s a way by which we can engage Albertans and what they want and need for the curriculum moving forward,” said David Eggen, Minister of Education.

Eggen adds the survey will allow anyone, including parents and students, to call in and make suggestions.

The example being used, if you have a kid in Grade three you can call, take the survey, while focusing just on your kid’s grade.

“Part of what is important here is to build a common platform that teachers, parents and students can use that’s digital, bi-lingual and can be updated on an ongoing basis,” said Eggen.

Minister Eggen was in Calgary to talk to future teachers about moving forward and says he would welcome a trip to Fort McMurray to do the same.

The first round of surveys will be done by November 18, then reviewed by curriculum writers to set another date for a second round of surveys. Anyone interested in taking the survey can go to

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