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Residents speak out on Waterways

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Residents speak out on Waterways

Residents waiting for presentation about Waterways at latest "Here for You" Information session // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

With another “Here for You” session done and the debris and ash deadline coming, residents want to know what’s the next step for Waterways.

Some are starting to speaking out about the work being done with the area including Michael Marchand who is happy to see the rebuild finally being discussed throughout the community.

“I think they need to get moving on the rebuild at least they’ve made that decision, I think that was a good decision.”

Though he’s happy for those who want to rebuild, this is far from the case for him.

“Personally I want a buyout.”

Others don’t share the same view point. Margo Firman is voicing her desire to move back into the area describing Waterways as an area unlike others around the community.

At the same time she understands that work is still being done.

“I think the progress made for those living in the flood plain has been good, for folks who have other concerns such as myself it’s been a rather protracted process.”

One concern Firman has is about the slope stability in areas where she finds her home and is hoping to see Geo-tech done after being discussed by council.

“Insurance doesn’t cover landslides.”

One resident who has the same view point on the status quo is Gail Bibeau. She sees no option but a rebuild in the area she’s called home for years.

“Not rebuilding is not an option, I need to go back home, it’s been my home fore 33 years.”

A big chunk of her life has been in the area and not being able to move back for months has seemed to slow time down.

“Well when you’ve been displaced from your home everything is to slow.”

Residents were given a chance to talk to municipal staff at the latest Here for You session and can continue do so at the next session on Thursday October 20th.

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