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The More You Know: Why Does Food Get Freezer Burn?

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

You get home from work after a hard day and all you want is some nice leftovers from your freezer. You open the door, unwrap the food from the plastic wrap and BOOM all your food is covered in tiny gross ice crystals. We’ve all had it happen but why does it happen?



“There goes my supper plans >:(“

Whatever food you put in there be it a casserole, pizza pops, or chicken breast is full of little molecules of frozen water. As the food sits in the cool air of the freezer these frozen water molecules sublimate basically going from a solid to a gas. The ice cold water vapour then freezes somewhere else in the freezer.

(This process is also why there is a slowly forming wall of frost in the back of your freezer trying to overtake the whole thing).


“Please no… not like this”

When the vapour is trapped by plastic wrap or a zip-lock bag the only place it can freeze is back onto the food slowly building up the stale layer of frosty grossness while simultaneously drying out your previously delicious meal into…. this


“Look at that pile of cold sadness”

Now whats amazing about this is that this process actually preserves your food potentially indefinitely. So while it’s absolutely disgusting you could technically eat freezer burnt food with no ill effects… I wouldn’t recommend it though.

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