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Gypsum tariff bringing concerns to contractors and council

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Gypsum tariff bringing concerns to contractors and council

Photo courtesy of Waugh Thistleton Architects

The recent tariff on Gypsum, drywall, is making waves of concerns throughout the area.

The prices have seen an increase of 276 per cent with the few suppliers in Western Canada not being able to keep up with demand and shipping from Ontario.

A motion brought up by Councillor Keith McGrath has council looking to write to the Government of Canada and hopefully develop and fund a grant program to compensate those rebuilding.

“Quite frankly this motion is a good motion to have but also a no-brainer, I think it was passed unanimously within seconds,” said Mayor Melissa Blake. “It was just the right thing to do.”

Council got a chance to hear the concerns from contractors at the latest council meeting. One such contractor is Bill Ladouceur who expressed his concerns for the property owners who would be the ones needing to pay the increased prices.

Though he believes writing to the Government is a great first step, he wants to see much more done to help the property owners.

“I think it should be more than a letter, I’m pretty sure we can get some people from parliament down into our city and look at some people that have bucket policies, can’t afford it.”

Ladouceur has the feeling that the letter would take months to get a response from, with these property owners being affected right now.

Mayor Blake is also saying it’s too early to determine what the chances would be that a program could be developed.

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