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5 Thanksgiving Tradition Ideas!

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5 Thanksgiving Tradition Ideas!

This is Morgan and I’s first Thanksgiving out on our own in the world and we want to start our own traditions! I decided to come up with some ideas if you want to try them too!

1. Vegetarian Turkey Dinner


I’m a vegetarian (sorry) so obviously Turkey doesn’t really work but I want to try out making a Turkey dinner out of a brick of Tofu. It will probably be gross and look like a white brick of sadness but it won’t hurt to try!!

2. Dress Up One of my Cats as a Turkey


It’ll be festive and cute! (assuming I don’t get mauled for it)

3. Try Some Neat Recipe I Find On Pinterest


If I do a different one each year I’ll always be surprised!

4. Binge Watch a Movie Series


We both love movies so be it Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, or Harry Potter I feel like it’ll be a great Thanksgiving tradition.

5. Make Our Own Sushi 


I know sushi isn’t a normal Thanksgiving meal item but Morgan loves it and making our own could be really fun!


Have your own ideas? Comment them to let me know!


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