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Update: Winter Maintenance Zones to be activated in just over one week

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Update: Winter Maintenance Zones to be activated in just over one week

Winter Maintenance Zones will be activating in just over one week.

On October 17th, street parking restrictions will be in place for one day every week in each of the five zones across residential neighborhoods in Fort McMurray from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

“Last winter was our first season of the Winter Maintenance Zone program,” said Kelly Colbourne, Acting Director of Public Works. “We were very impressed at the cooperation we saw from the public as they adapted to the on-street parking restrictions. We’d like to continue working together this winter so our crews can clear roads regularly, maintain access to homes for emergency vehicles, and offer a higher level of safety for drivers.”

Residents will need to know what zone they fall under which can be found by checking signage posted along the residential streets or by reviewing the zone map and other information at

This program only applies to residential streets and not priority routes. A number of primary, secondary and tertiary routes in Fort McMurray will have alternative parking in place during the time the zone is active, which includes:

  • Timberlea Tennis Courts (Brett Drive)
  • Syncrude Athletic Park (Cartier Road)
  • Ross Hennigar Park (Thicket Drive)
  • Wood Buffalo Park (Williams Drive)
  • Off Highway Vehicle Parking Lot (Abasand Drive)
  • Marine Park (Prairie Loop Blvd)
  • Riedel Street Parking Lot (Prairie Loop Blvd)
  • Lions Park (Tolen Drive)
  • Borealis Park (Morrison Street)
  • Frank Lacoix Arena (Beaconwood Road)
  • Beacon Hill Dog Park (Beacon Hill Drive)

Residents are being asked to check signage to make sure parking is permitted as other restrictions could apply.

It’s the residents who will be responsible with parking properly with the possibility of getting a ticket or towed to an impound lot if they don’t follow the signage that’s in place.

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