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Tyler’s Thursday Tunes #2

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

I’m going to list of my favourite probably lesser known songs that aren’t hitting any charts (yet, but here’s hoping) If you have any tunes you think I should mention next week comment below!

If you came here hoping for me to cheer you up… sorry about this. Rhye – Open is about a couple that desperately¬†wants to be in love and keep the relationship together but they just aren’t happy. There’s no resolution where everyone is happy; it just ends with the couple at a fire with sadness in their faces.

You’ve likely heard of Years & Years but this one isn’t very well known. It’s just all around a super weird time. The songs nice though! There’s almost a full minute before the music starts in the video so I skipped ahead for you.

This song has a very unique feel to it, the video is literally just 3 and a half minutes of people kissing the lyrics are about wanting to kiss a person (not an exceeding amount of depth but it’s a beautiful song.)

At this point it probably seems like I’m just trying to make you super duper sad but the next one is fast and upbeat I promise! This song has a gorgeous melody and is just a pleasure to listen to, it definitely has the hipster vibe I’m looking for.

As promised something fast paced and bumpin’ to wrap up the list! This is definitely¬†more punk rock than the usual stuff but I love this song.


Make sure you’re watching the blog next week for #3!


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