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6 Fun Things To Do On Mars!

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6 Fun Things To Do On Mars!


Elon Musk has a plan to create a colony on mars with up to 1 million residents. Now if you get to be one of those lucky Martians what do you do on Mars? Well don’t you worry I got you covered!

1. Mountain Climbing

Sure you could climb Mount Everest on Earth (8,848 m) and feel all tough but on Mars you can climb Olympus Mons  (21,230 m) which is WAY cooler


2. Beach Volleyball

Think about it. Mars is like a beach that’s 3,390 km big with gravity a third of Earths (Earth 9.81 m/s) (Mars 3.71 m/s). You could toss around a medicine ball as your volleyball and it wouldn’t even be that tough!

Olympics Day 11 - Beach Volleyball

3. Look for Alien Ruins

I know there’s no actual evidence but if your there you may as well look around. What could it hurt?

4. Start a Potato Farm

Matt Damon made is look pretty fun.

screen shot 2015-09-15 at 2.26.16 pm

5. Speaking of Farming Grow Some Trees!

Now I’m no scientist but I know that trees eat Carbon Dioxide and spit out Oxygen (we humans breathe oxygen). Mars’ atmosphere is 95% Co2 so that should mean trees could be KILLING it on Mars (Earths Atmosphere is 75% Nitrogen where Mars is only 1.89% so I’m not sure if the trees need that or whatever but let me dream).


6. Star Gaze

I can only assume that with no light pollution for millions of years and being farther from the sun that the night sky on mars must be incredible. Who wouldn’t want to look up at the sky on an alien world and just appreciate the vastness of our universe.


Anything you would want to do on Mars? Comment below!



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