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The More You Know! “How Many Senses Are There?!?!”

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If I asked you to list the senses you’d probably say “taste, touch, smell, hearing, seeing” and until recently I would’ve said the same thing. Turns out we have some other senses that are just as important (if not MORE important).


katy perry hot n cold 12

Thermoception – The sense of hot and cold, You may think “no Tyler that’s just the sense of touch” but it’s not that simple. Our bodies have whats called “Transient Receptor Protein Channels” or TRP that respond to a whole bunch of different stuff. TRPV1 is one of those channels and it detects painful heat and TRPM8 is the same thing but for cold. When these are on Pain-sensing nerves they help us realize when it’s time to move away from the fire or toss on a jacket.



Proprioception – How we know where we are and what we are doing without looking. It’s how we can walk around without staring at our feet and we can pick things up without looking at them. This is thanks to all kinds of muscles and processes sending signals to the sensory cortex of the brain.



Equilibrioception – Our sense of balance. We can thank our ears for this, specifically our inner ears. Inside our inner ear is 3 fluid filled sack things. When we move around the fluid moves against tiny hair cells that send signals to our brain to help us balance. Not only that but we also have these neat “Otolith Organs” in our ears that are similar to the inner ear but they also have tiny crystals that help us send the signals of balance to our eyes and muscles so we can correct any balance issues. Vertigo is caused by those crystals being loose or falling off so that the hair cells get sudden pressure for no reason.


Thanks to these 3 senses along with the 5 famous ones we get to move around and do human stuff. They may not be the most obvious of the senses but without them the human race wouldn’t be where it is today.


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