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The First Presidential Debate

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
The  First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate was… well it happened. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went head to head on a lot of issues, many people thought that Trumps loud style of politics would win him the debate but that’s not what happened at all.

Taxes and Jobs

Trump said he would make “tremendous tax cuts” from 35% to 15%. Now that sounds great in theory but Hillary raised a solid point against this citing Trickle-down economics. These tax cuts could put the US in incredible debt and cause another economic crisis like the one in 2008. Clinton’s plan is to bring about more environmentally friendly energy sources to create more jobs, she also plans on raising taxes however not as much as Trump claimed. A key turning point here is where Trump claimed NAFTA a trade deal put in place by Bill Clinton was the worst trade deal ever in the whole world where Hillary replied “Donald I know you live in your own reality but that’s simply not true”.


This went poorly for Trump on almost every level. Clinton said she wanted to improve relationships with African American citizens by building trust and increasing training and education for police officers in regards to use of weapons. Trump said that they need law and order and would bring back Stop-and-Frisk which was ruled unconstitutional despite Trump claiming several times it wasn’t. He also compared African American and Latino neighborhoods to third world countries stating “you walk down the street and get shot”.

The Famous Tax Returns/Email Scandal

During the segment about Achieving Prosperity Clinton brought up Donald Trumps tax returns, Trump claimed that he couldn’t release them because his lawyers wouldn’t let him and that he can’t release them during an audit (this is not true, there are no sanctions against releasing tax returns during an audit). Clinton also pointed out that he did have to release his tax returns a few years ago when he was trying to build a casino; from these tax returns we learned he is paying nothing in federal income tax. After this brief argument Trump for the first time said he would release his tax returns if Clinton released her 33,000 deleted emails. Clinton then said on the email scandal that she had made a mistake and takes full responsibility for it. Past that she avoided the topic.

Foreign Policy

This part of the debate was somewhat incoherent, it was a lot of arguing about assorted issues ranging from Iran, to ISIS, to North Korea. The majority of the Debate here was a back and forth of Trump and Clinton saying this is bad I can fix it. When the candidates were asked about their plans to defeat ISIS it was mentioned that Clinton has hers listed on her website and that Trump is keeping his secret. Trump said on Clinton’s plan “now the enemy knows your plan and it won’t work. Clinton said on Trumps plan “the plans a secret because there is no plan”.

The Name Calling

This debate fell apart right at the end with Hillary saying Trump wasn’t fit to serve, and also pointed out overt sexism on his part citing a time in a beauty pageant where he called a Latina contestant “miss piggy” and “housekeeper”. Trump retaliated saying that Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to be president (when asked about his comments on her not having a “presidential look”), that she doesn’t have as good of a temperament as him, and that all her experience is “bad experience”.

In The End

Trump didn’t lose or gain any votes and Hillary didn’t lose or gain any votes, when it all comes down to it this Debate was very little about the issues facing America and more about Trump and Clinton having a popularity contest. If I have to pick a winner it would without a doubt be Hillary. Trump fell into his usual way of being unprepared, losing his cool, and lying about multiple issues. Hillary kept her temper despite having obvious hatred in her eyes and stuck to it as much as she could.

Now here’s a supercut of every time Donald Trump sniffled 

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