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Survivor: Young and dumb vs. old and wise?

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Survivor: Young and dumb vs. old and wise?

Survivor season 33, Millenials Vs. Gen X is upon us. Millenials ( born in 1980 – 2000 ) and Gen x ( born 1960s – early 1980s ) will show us their survival skills throughout this season and it is our pleasure to see the two different styles. Before watching the entire season, I did want to do a prediction blog. So I started the episode and stopped it just after we meet both tribes. My first instinct is that I really like David Wright from Gen X who is 42.  He seems like an observer, who isn’t going to put himself out there too soon, and knows how to deal with different types of people. #TeamDavid


The high school kid, Will is adding a really interesting aspect to this season as well. He is as millenial as can be. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles being on Survivor being only 18 and with other people close to his age and far from his age. Plus, he left grade 12 to be on the show. #worthit


So we start off with the Millenial tribe (Vanua), and it’s pretty much a frat house. I do think that as young people, this will be a really fun one to watch because of the lower threshold of emotions. The drama will be high throughout the show of course but on this tribe, it could happen a bit sooner and more often. We meet what seems to be our star of the show, or maybe one of the first to get himself voted off, Taylor Lee Stocker. He’s already got a couple crushes and is just excited for a good time………………………………


Okay, so then we have Zeke. Who is the self-proclaimed 80 year old in a 28 year old’s body. He seems really interesting, but also in it for fame. He’s really flashy as a person and normally that kind of person doesn’t go a long way and win. But we shall see! I’m interested to see how someone like him, who feels much older than he is, deals with standing up and being on a team with a younger generation. Maybe he’ll make it to the Merge ( if there is one? ) and feel better with his team then.


Okay so over to Gen X (Takali) . The only moment that stood out to me so far was Paul Walter basically saying Millenials are dumb, this is going to be a lot easier than he thought and let’s all go celebrate by eating rice. Then, Ken was quick to correct him by pointing out that as soon as you under estimate your enemy, you’ve lost (smart man). I see Ken going far, but he will also inevitably be seen as a threat due to his strength and now his intelligence which he proved he has. In retrospect, he should have let Paul self-destruct. He not only created a possible conflict, but let everyone know he is smart as well as going to do everything he can to win. #Threatalert





So, this is probably because I am a millenial, but I am already offended. Who does Paul think he is?!?! Are us Millenials the worst generation to walk the earth? From this episode so far, it’s kind of feeling that way. I’m very excited for this season because at the end, we will know how these two generations can outwit, outlast and outplay in what is one of the most difficult challenges you can do.

I’m looking forward to the demise of each tribe as well. Being the same age as someone does not necessarily mean you’ll like them. So that should be interesting as well.

What do you think? Which generation has what it takes to win Survivor season 33?

Taylor Rey


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