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Computer Safety is Key!!

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Yesterday Yahoo admitted that data from at least 500 million user accounts has been stolen, confirming one of the largest security breaches ever after years of speculation via a statement on its website.The company suggests the stolen information could include personal credentials such names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords, and even security questions and answers.

Many people don’t know how to keep their data safe and that is really bad, if the wrong person gets your info it could be catastrophic! So I’m going to help you out in 5 easy steps


1. Password Safety

It’s not as hard as you may think to make a nearly unbreakable password especially using the site “How Secure is My Password“. I reccomend at least having three seperate passwords minimum but if you can manage it having a unique password for every service is best. My Facebook password would take 8.6 Quintillion years for a computer to crack (it could be overkill but I’m paranoid). The way to form an incredibly secure password isn’t to have one capital letter and a number; the best way is to write out a sentence no one will ever think to type out


– “TylerHolowchukHasANeckLikeAGiraffe” would take a computer 17 DUODECILLION YEARS to crack

– “JohnnyDeppIsASecretlyAnAppleIPhoneCamera” would take a computer 346 QUINDECILLION YEARS to crack

– “DonaldTrumpDeservesANobelPeacePrize” would take a computer 910 DUODECILLION YEARS to crack

the more unlikely the sentence the more secure the password.



A virus can easily spring clean your computer of everything from family pictures to important documents. Use things like Dropbox, or carbonite, or even just a good ole fashion backup CD. This protects you from power surges wiping your data but also from “ransomware” that can lock down your sensitive data.


3. If a Deal is “To Good To Be True” IT IS!

Any ad like the picture above should be avoided. “get ripped fast”, “Lose Belly fat in weeks”, and “4 weird tips to….” ads pr any ads like them are all bad. DO NOT pass go and DO NOT collect $200.

dear beloved_0


4. Avoid Unknown Emails

Any email you KNOW you don’t know the recepient of should be avoided. Some email viruses will pretend to be businesses aswell so make sure you are careful, be vigilant and you’ll be safe.


5 Never Divulge Sensitive Information

Now it’s not uncommon to make friends or even form loving relationships over the internet so I’m not saying don’t talk to anyone ever I just want you to be careful with who you talk to and what you tell them. No one online needs to know your home address or your credit card number.


Be safe, don’t be dumb and you’re A+.

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