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Warmer Than Normal Fall Expected

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Warmer Than Normal Fall Expected

Downtown experiencing heavy downpour // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

We had a warmer and wetter than normal summer.

That’s according to Environment Canada’s Senior Climatologist.

Dave Phillips tells Mix News June to September were hotter on average and we had 66 per cent more perception this year compared to last summer.

“You had the second wettest day in Fort McMurray history at the end of July. My gosh, over 90 millimeters of rain. You can’t get any and all of a sudden you get more than enough on one day and of course we saw all the flooding that came from that.”

As for fall, Phillips says October and November will be milder than normal.

“We think the personality and the character of the fall, because of the residual heat of summer, will be milder than normal. Clearly there will be frost on the pumpkin, there will maybe before Remembrance Day.”

Phillips notes while it will be colder this winter than last year, he doesn’t think it’ll be as cruel as some people are suggesting.


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