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Tyler’s Will.

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

Today is the day of my Nitro Circus stunt. I will be racing down a ramp in a big wheel so I decided to write up my will.

My Computer and all of my video games will go to my girlfriend Morgan along with the money I leave behind and my two cats.

My clothing can be donated to the charity of my families choice (aside from my tie collection)

My beard grooming stuff will go to Steve Reeve from the morning show.

My assorted Knick-Knacks and action figures can be evenly distributed among the office.

My collection of ties both novelty and fancy can go to Andy Wilcox from 100.5 Cruz FM I have about 80 ties now so enjoy.

Jaryn Vecchio can have my left over alcohol and my snack box that I’ve hidden beneath my bed (don’t tell Morgan they are there)

and as my last wish someone egg Trent Allen’s house because he’s the one who made me do this.


Thanks Fort McMurray it’s been a slice.
-Tyler Holowchuk

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