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The NLRHC receives $500,000 donation for multi-purpose clinic

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
The NLRHC receives $500,000 donation for multi-purpose clinic

Dave Bouchier and Nicole Bourque - Bouchier present a cheque to representatives of the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre // Jaryn Vecchio - Harvard Broadcasting

The Northern Lights Regional Health Centre is receiving $500,000.

Dave Bouchier and Nicole Bourque – Bouchier are donating $250,000 from their business and $250,000 of their own money to the Gratitude Campaign.

“Dave and I are born and raised and raised our families here in the community, health care is like a basic need for us so anything that we could do to help improve the lives of others in the community around health care, we were ready to sign up,” said Nicole Bourque – Bouchier.

The money will be used for renovations on the multi-purpose clinic with the end goal being to change the patient and staff experience for the better.

“The clinic will not only improve patients privacy and comfort, it will also expand our clinical space,” said Dallas Kuhr, Manager of Ambulatory Care, NLRHC. “We know this is something everyone at the clinic, staff and patients will appreciate.”

“The multi-purpose clinic had the children centre, being able to come in for the day and bring your family with you to be able to get your treatment, it spoke to us, to our core value as a company in terms of family and giving back,” said Bourque – Bouchier

The newly renovated clinic will also add a new space for IV therapy which will free up the emergency department so they can help other patients.

“It wasn’t so much as the multi-purpose as it was just getting involved in the campaign itself that was the most important thing,” said Bourque – Bouchier.

She’s been a supporter of the campaign before it was made official and when it was up and running she gave copious amounts of her time to help the campaign gain traction in the community.

“The gratitude campaign, we think was going to get off the ground up and running a lot sooner and of cousre we we’re all hit with the downturn in the market, not once but twice, and of course the wildfire so that lead to two years of trying to gratitude campaign up and running and stop for a while and up and running and stop for while but it was something we we’re involved from the very beginning,” said Bourque – Bouchier.

At the end of their presentation both Dave and Nicole sent the message that the hospital needs improvement and this is an important step in bettering the community.

“We know that overall the building itself, both in and out, are well overdue for renovations and we know that we’re working with older technology and in order to continue to attract folks to our region we need to be able to be at the same caliber as offerings in other communities,” she said.

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