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The More You Know! “Auto-antonyms are crazy bananas!”

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7

So I was on Buzzfeed the other day and I saw this article “Britney Spears Just Destroyed Her Return To The VMAs Stage” and I realized i had no idea whether that was a good or bad thing. So let’s learn something new!!
I tossed on my learning cap and set out to do some research and discovered the magical word type “Auto-antonym”. It’s a word that has two completely opposing meanings.

1. Screening can mean “to show” or “to conceal”

2. Custom can be used to mean it’s the standard “it was my custom to nap for an hour every day” or “I custom ordered my pizza to have venison on it”

3. Off can mean to start or stop “the alarm went off” “the alarm turned off”

4. To Weather can mean “to withstand the elements” / “to hold fast”, or it can mean “to wear away due to the elements” / “to decay or wear away.”

5. Last can mean previous as in “that happened last Wednesday” or it can mean final as in “This is the last straw!”

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