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Frugal Friday’s – Documentaries galore!

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Frugal Friday's - Documentaries galore!

I’m a docu-junkie and sometimes Netflix just doesn’t cut it, nevermind the fact that you have to pay for it.

Then, I found this amazing website, Documentary Heaven . It has a cornucopia of free documentaries, most of which are not on Netflix.

Documentaries are soul food. You gotta get your weekly fill of the extra-ordinary, disgusting, eye-opening, heartwarming  and always fascinating documentaries of this world.

Documentary Heaven also has a pretty good selection of Micheal Moore’s collection as well (which Netflix does not).

My personal fave, Sicko .

There’s also top documentary films which has a bunch of great docs as well.

Happy Documentary watching!

– Taylor Rey


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