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Drywall tariff hurting local companies

Fort McMurray, AB, Canada / MIX 103.7
Drywall tariff hurting local companies

Photo courtesy of Waugh Thistleton Architects

Drywall companies are feeling the pinch after a ruling on September 6 by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal to impose a tariff on drywall.

The tariff was sparked by a complaint from CertainTeed Gypsum that competitors were dumping gypsum wallboard in Western Canada below market price.

Owner of Genroc Drywall in Fort McMurray Claude Bureau says he can’t comment on the dumping except that the tariff is hurting his business and at a bad time.

“Just unbelievable that it’s happening after a fire when we need to reconstruct the city and now it’s happening to us. I mean, it’s a big hit on the drywall companies like mine,” says Bureau.

Bureau says the few suppliers in Western Canada can’t keep up with demand and shipping from Ontario and Quebec has added cost, hence the higher prices in Alberta.

Bureau says his suppliers are feeling the pinch as well.

Bureau says everyone in the supply chain is being hit hard as a result of the tariff.

“My suppliers are just as disappointed of this, like, right now they’re getting hit hard because we ask for price protection but they can’t even give it to us,” says Bureau.

He says it’s not fair to the consumer who will bear the burden of the tariff.

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